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Environmental Career Ambassadors are Environmental professionals willing to make classroom or school career fair presentations for middle and high school grades about their careers and/or provide shadowing, internship, field trip and scholarship opportunities to Ohio students.

Ohio high school students, teachers, and career counselors need a better understanding of the wide variety of careers in environmental science and engineering. They also want to know about the specialized training and skills needed for these careers.

Ohio is emphasizing Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields to prepare students for jobs in the state’s emerging high-tech economy. Employers looking to hire professionals in environmental science and engineering are reporting a shortage of qualified applicants.

The Ohio Department of Education’s learning standards and model curriculum also emphasize student learning about real-world careers. Schools and career centers are looking for business professionals to provide role models and diverse work-place experiences for their students.

If you would like to be more involved by volunteering to be a Career Ambassador you can fill out this form and email back to us. 

You can also check out the the Environmental Professionals Network (EPN) is an online community connecting Ohio professionals in

  • Air quality
  • Environmental Health and Policy
  • Energy, Materials and Sustainability
  • Land Use and Conservation
  • Water resources and water quality
  • Wildlife and ecosystems

EPN members share information, announce events and training opportunities, post/seek jobs, internships and volunteer opportunities, and find collaborators for projects.

More information is available at http://epn.osu.edu, or click here to download a brochure or to see a video click here.

Here is a list of great Career Resources: Environmental Career Resources


Here is an environmental careers classroom activity and instructions for showcasing 52 different Ohio careers.  The activity can be done as either a mixer or bingo game 


Here are a few toolkits to help a Career Ambassador with school or classroom presentations: Water Toolkit and Natural Resource Toolkit


Check out the “Ohio In-Demand Jobs” career pathways in environmental science, natural resources, and water systems.

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